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Walking Free: Taking Small Steps to a Big God

Walking Free: Taking Small Steps to a Big God

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Renowned Christian music artist and former youth pastor Micah Tyler helps readers set out on the path to a free and meaningful life in his first book, Walking Free.

Inspired by his hit song, Micah Tyler's Walking Free: Small Steps to a Big God encourages believers to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus, regardless of external circumstances. The journey from where we are to where God wants us to be is filled with challenges and obstacles. Walking Free uplifts readers with the truth that God will always walk with us and never leave us behind. Micah applies Scripture and Biblical wisdom in his teaching alongside personal stories which illuminate the path before us. With 42 steps, Walking Free includes questions and personal reflections that will inspire readers to grow in their relationship with God.

Walking Free also includes:

  • A plan for pursuing God like never before
  • 42 steps covering the many of life’s challenges
  • Over 120 questions for self-reflection or discussion
  • Practical guidance for transforming your spiritual life
  • A glimpse into Micah Tyler’s life and insights.

Walking Free will help you overcome life’s challenges by taking small steps to experience the mercy and mission of a closer connection with God.

About the author

Micah Tyler with hands folded

Songwriter and recording artist MICAH TYLER writes, performs, and lives out “battle-tested” music that gives glory to his God. Micah is the recipient of multiple Dove and K-LOVE Award nominations, and has written four BMI Top 25 Christian Songs. His journey has taken him from small-town youth pastor, to sausage delivery truck driver, to touring alongside big name artists like MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, and Phil Wickham. Today, Micah is best known for his hit songs, “Never Been a Moment,” “Even Then,” and “Walking Free.” His newest project, Walking Free: Small Steps to a Big God, is his first book.

What people are saying

“Micah has always been a bright light in Christian music. As a dear friend, and I’m sure so many others can say the same about him, I always find profound encouragement in his words and perspective. His newest single, “Walking Free” is a song that has such hope in it. I was overjoyed to hear it had inspired this book, filled with the same hope and wisdom to find identity in who God says you are rather than guilt and shame.”

–Andy Erwin, screenwriter and director of I Can Only Imagine and American Underdog

“Micah is a brother that I’ve been able to journey with through many years. We’ve laughed together and even shed a few tears in our time on the road. Micah just brings an unabashed joy to others and that is the blessing of a friend he is. What most people don’t know is that Micah is a pastor and although he’s become an amazing singer and songwriter, his heart will always be pastoral. That is what you will read in Walking Free–a gift to better understand the way God pursues us and how that will inform the way we live our lives–in freedom.”

–Bart Millard, lead singer of MercyMe and bestselling author of the book, I Can Only Imagine

“It doesn’t matter if Micah is singing, speaking, or writing; he has a special way of pointing us back to the heart of Jesus. Walking Free is a must read for anyone looking to find a refreshing encounter with the God they serve.”

–Jerrad Lopes, Host of the Dad Tired Podcast

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