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The Jesus Music: A Visual Story of Redemption as Told by Those Who Lived It

A written and visual complement to the documentary film of the same name, The Jesus Music brings the history of a movement to life. Featuring Contemporary Christian Music artists across five decades, readers will experience the story that has united and changed the lives of people around the world.

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The Way of the Father: Lessons from My Dad, Truths about God

Grammy Award winner Michael W. Smith’s The Way of the Father offers a deeply personal reflection on his father Paul Smith’s legacy and its profound effect on every area of his life. Through the life and lens of his earthly dad, the multi-platinum selling Christian artist gives glimpses of a Father in Heaven that anyone can approach and experience.

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The Bible for Me: Bible Stories & Prayers

Help your child to understand what God's Word means to him or her with this fully illustrated and easy-to-read collection of 50 popular Bible stories, written by best-selling Christian children's authors Amy Parker and VeggieTales® co-creator Mike Nawrocki.

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