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The Jesus Music: A Visual Story of Redemption as Told by Those Who Lived It

The Jesus Music: A Visual Story of Redemption as Told by Those Who Lived It

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A written and visual complement to the documentary film of the same name, The Jesus Music brings the history of a movement to life. Featuring Contemporary Christian Music artists across five decades, readers will experience the story that has united and changed the lives of people around the world.

The Jesus Music: A Visual Story of Redemption as Told by Those Who Lived It shares that story: people creating something they wanted, something that never existed before. Written by music and film historian Marshall Terrill, the book accompanies a documentary film by award-winning directors Jon and Andy Erwin; this written and visual narrative of the genre features historic concerts and candid behind-the-scenes photographs throughout.

From its beginnings in the tumultuous 1960s and the convergence of rock and roll, country, and gospel music during that time, The Jesus Music explores the history, evolution, and redemptive thread of Contemporary Christian Music over the last fifty years. From early California artists as much a part of hippie culture as Christian culture, to religious-themed bands and songs denounced by some church leaders of the day, to the rise, and sometimes fall, of best-selling artists, the book explores the often delicate balances between faith, fame, mission, and humanity as they relate to Christian music.

The Jesus Music takes a deep dive into the history of Contemporary Christian Music alongside the notable voices of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Kirk Franklin, and TobyMac, as well as the stories of dozens of additional Christian artists through the decades. Experience a journey that hits all the right notes and explores:

  • The roots of the movement, spanning from Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to Switchfoot, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, and beyond.
  • The stories of pioneers in the genre, including Larry Norman, Lovesong, and Stryper
  • Insights into how history, culture, and technology shaped the Contemporary Christian Music we hear on the radio today.
  • Examples of God’s steadfast love as He uses artists despite their human mistakes and shortcomings.
  • How the message of the music transforms lives and has impact beyond artistic expression.

The Jesus Music is perfect for anyone looking to explore the history of the genre and discover how God can use us despite our flaws to impact the world.

About the author

Marshall Terrill is a film, sports and music writer, journalist, and the author of more than two dozen books, including best-selling biographies of Billy Graham, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Steve McQueen, and Pete Maravich. His work has resulted in a documentary featuring Harvest Christian Fellowship Pastor Greg Laurie in the 2017 feature documentary Steve McQueen: An American Icon and an upcoming feature documentary on Johnny Cash.

Marshall works at Arizona State University where he is a reporter, covering the military, journalism, humanities and Native American issues. He resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife Zoe. The Jesus Music is his twenty-sixth book.

Author: Marshall Terrill
Foreword by Greg Laurie

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